Savage Creek Senior Men’s Club



The SCSMGC will be in operation again starting August 9. 

We are looking forward to getting our golf club going again after a long break due to the pandemic.    Although the vaccination rollout in the province is proving to be effective in reducing the risk of Covid infection we are reminded that these concerns are not over yet.   We expect that our members are now fully vaccinated, allowing us to open the club and schedule foursomes randomly.   For the protection of our members we are asking those who are not fully vaccinated refrain from playing golf in the club until you are fully vaccinated.   

If you are going to be playing and have not yet informed the Scheduler, please let him know.  If you are not going to be playing yet please inform the Scheduler or Membership Chairman.  

The Scheduler email is [email protected] and the Membership Chairman email is [email protected].   

More specific information about scheduling procedures, cart requirements and recording of scores will follow in the next few weeks.  

If you have any questions please give me a call.
Terry Greenslade – Club Captain604-241-9550