Savage Creek Senior Men’s Club



This is a reminder that our last club play date is Monday, October 4.  It was unfortunate that we never really got fully operational this year due to Covid restrictions but it is hoped that we will be back to normal activities in the new year.  With that in mind we plan to start our 2022 season on Monday, March 7, 2022.   

The Club finances are in good order, allowing us to carry last years dues forward to next year, meaning your membership is paid up for the 2022 season.  Covid restrictions are also prohibiting us from having our annual general meeting.   Fortunately all of our current executive members agreed to carry on so elections are not required at this time.   However, we are in need of a Secretary on the Executive and we will be recruiting members to assist on the Starter desk next year.  If you feel you would like to apply for Secretary or Starter Assistant please let me know. 

Your executive will be meeting regularly over the winter months to plan our 2022 season.   Feel free to input your thoughts and suggestions to me, or any other executive member, by phone or email.   Whether these suggestions are positive or negative in nature they are always welcome.  It was very nice seeing many of you on the course this year and it is hoped that this pandemic will ease enough for us to resume normal club operations in the new year.